“Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes” was Henry David Thoreau’s advice when traveling to Walden Pond. And we agree with him to a point. You’re much more at ease in your tried and true clothing, and it’s better to save your money for your trip. But that was then, and this is now,and Henry never had all the choices we have that make travel more convenient or rewarding. Most of these products have been tried by us. and if we didn’t, they get lots of great reviews. So, with apologies to Henry, here are some of our picks:


No matter what you plan on doing during your trip, you will want clothing that is light, durable, and as wrinkle resistant as possible. Versatility is a major key to packing light. But so is packing the right clothing for your planned activities.


Little can make a trip more miserable than wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Blisters and cramped toes can ruin the best walking and hiking tours.  Shoes require a lot of packing space and are heavy, too. So you don’t want to pack too many, or you may run out of space or incur overweight baggage fees. Savvy travelers rely on multipurpose shoes. Ones you can wear to walk around Paris all day, that still look good for a casual dinner.

Our picks for guys multipurpose traveling shoes:

Rockport World Tour Classic


When you’re travelling you’re going to want to capture your memories. Do it right with a professional grade but affordable DSLR camera. Here are two cameras I recommend:

Canon T3i

Easy to use and affordable and a great entry level DSLR. The lens it comes with should be sufficient for most needs but when you are ready you can get a nice zoom lens and a nice wide angle lens to complement your kit.

Nikon D3300

Another great entry level DSLR at a good price. The sensor on this camera is a bit better than the T3i but in practice you won’t notice much difference in the picture quality. These two cameras are a good place to start.

Travel Pillow

Ever wanted to take a good nap on that long flight or train ride? Well, what better way to do it than with a snuggly pillow wrapped around your neck 🙂 Try this little travel pillow the next time you’re in need of a nap.