8 Things You Might Look Forward To When You Are Returning From Travel

Mom and kids arriving back home

Coming home from a long stretch of travel can be more daunting and emotional charged than setting off! For some it is a joyful time, for others a necessary obligation. Some people find themselves asking the question, “what am I doing back here?” Whatever category you might fall in to there is one fact that you would do well to come to terms with; you are back so you might as well make the most of it. Everyone’s situation is different, but here are 8 things that you might look forward to when you are returning from travel:


For a lot of people coming home means a visit to the family. As much as this can be a grind, if you have close family you will have missed them when you were away on your adventure. Now is your chance to catch up with them, to show them the adult you have become, and to share some good times with them.


They say that the friends are the family you can choose, and they (however they may be) are very right. Coming home to good friends is one of the nicest parts of being back. You may find it difficult to relate to some people who you know, but you will click back into place with your closest friends.


Go on, admit it! You enjoy your comfort, and you missed it while you were riding a camel through a dry dusty desert, or sleeping out in the rainforest. It feels good to be back, and good to have a nice clean bed and a quiet room. You may even look forward to having a regular bath, or access to your own kettle.


Travel can lack routine and this is what makes it so exciting. You never know where you will end up, or what the next experience will bring, or who is waiting around the corner. After a while traveling comes with its own kind of tiredness. It is a nice tiredness which comes from constantly having to adapt to new situations, but it can get, well… tiresome. Routine can give you a much needed break from the constant movement and fast paced change.

Not Being On The Road

Being on a plane, and then a train, and then a bus, and then another bus, and then walking for twenty miles with your thumb out, just to reach your next destination, is a bit much sometimes. Being on the move is great, apart from you have to be on the move. Unless you are blessed with your own private jet then this can mean some pretty grueling journeys. Not being on the road gives you a break, and it can feel nice to not have to move further than the corner shop… for a while.

The Little Things

Being back home is a nostalgic feeling that you can love and hate at the same time. It is usually the little things that you come to love, and those are the things you miss when you are traveling; your favorite walk, your pets, your favorite bar or pub, meals that you associate with home, and all of the little joys that you could never get hold of abroad.

Building Your Empire

If you think you have finished with long term travel for now, and you are back for a long period of time, then you can begin to focus on building your empire. There is a lot to learn traveling, but there is a different kind of learning to do when you are stationary. You could attend courses or classes in your area, focus on the job or career that you want, or have the tools and facilities to advance your hobbies and crafts.

Going Traveling Again

If are planning another round of travel soon, the that is what you will most likely be looking forward to. The comfort and routine, will soon wear off, and you will be making plans to get back out on the road.